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PAL Battery Pack

Replacement Battery Pack for PAL BT Radio.

If you've noticed a significant reduction* in the playback time of your PAL or PAL BT portable radio, it might be time to consider getting a new battery.

Don't worry; the replacement process is straightforward - just two small screws, and your radio will be back to its original performance. When you purchase your battery directly from Tivoli Audio, you can be confident that you're getting the correct replacement for your radio.



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Please take a moment to ensure you select the right battery for your PAL or PAL BT radio.

To determine which generation of PAL or PAL BT model you have, please check the DC power input label located on the back of your radio:

- If you find the label "12V 500mA", the Ni-MH battery (Gen 1) is the perfect choice to power up your radio.

- Conversely, if the label indicates "9V 2A", the Lithium-ion battery (Gen 2) is the ideal option to keep your radio going strong.

It's important to note that the batteries from different generations of PAL or PAL BT radios are not interchangeable, so please make sure to select the one that matches your radio model.

*Battery life may vary depending on usage.