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At this time, the Tivoli Audio app is only optimized for phone and tablet use. However, this may change in the future. You can still connect via Bluetooth or using the Auxiliary port.

Yes! Using the new ConX, you can turn any Tivoli Audio product into a WiFi speaker. It can then be connected wirelessly to your Cube/Orb system.

Yes! Once all desired Cubes/Orbs have been properly set up on your WiFi network, the speakers will be available for you to connect. These selected systems will be part of a group which you can play music to simultaneously. Refer to your Quick Setup Guide and Online Manual for more information.

Yes! Refer to your Online Manuals for more information.

Yes, but the strength of the WiFi signal and streaming capabilities may vary depending on the number of other devices using the network.

You will need a basic broadband connection connected to a 2.4GHz capable router/wireless access point. This is the common setup in many homes. The Cube/Orb does not support 5GHz routers/wireless access points at this time.

You can play music on your Cube/Orb by streaming music over WiFi via the Tivoli App, pair to the Cube/Orb via Bluetooth, or use the auxiliary input on the back of the unit. Refer to your Quick Setup Guide or Online Manual for more information.

We recommend cleaning the wood finish with a dry cloth. The fabric can be cleaned with a lint roller.

You can use the TuneIn radio service in the Tivoli App. You can use any radio app on your device and connect to your speaker via Bluetooth. You can also use our ConX to stream the radio from your original Tivoli Audio product or any other audio product with a radio. Refer to your ConX Quick Setup Guide or Online Manual for more information on this option.

A fully charged battery can play up to 10 hours, on 50% volume.

The app supports Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and TuneIn. Other music services are still available to use, but via Bluetooth and the Bluetooth over WiFi feature. Refer to your Online Manual for more information.

The Cube/Orb is packaged with a 12 Volt DC power supply. The unit can also be powered by an optional rechargeable battery pack (sold separately).