Audio Reimagined Together

Classic design is mixed with the latest technology to create a simple yet elegant solution to wireless audio in the home

Meet the Collection

Made to elevate your listening experience and your home decor. Encased in a furniture grade wooden cabinet and finished with a high-quality Gabriel®fabric grill, this collection elevates speakers to audio art.

One or Many

These wireless and Bluetooth® enabled speakers allow for a variety of configurations to meet your playback preferences. A single speaker playing Spotify® in you kitchen, a stereo pair in your dining room, or your party playlist throughout your home while you’re entertaining, ART by Tivoli Audio speakers offer simple and flexible solutions to best fit your surroundings and enhance your world through music.





Multi-Room System

Hi-Fi System

Model One Digital

Radio Reimagined

Balancing style technology and audio quality the Model One Digital is a radio for the modern era. It delivers a new spin on the original Model One by offering FM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth®.

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Audio Art

Hung on a wall like a painting or placed in its stand like a sculpture, the ORB is an object of art. As a mono speaker or connect as a stereo pair, it offers uncompromising clear sound from where ever and however you choose to place it.

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Perfect Shape of Sound

Form and function combine make the compact design yet wireless room filling audio from the CUBE.

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Add to your ART Collection

ConX makes it possible to connect your other devices with the ART by Tivoli Audio collection. This Wi-Fi transmitter and receiver allows any audio products to become Wi-Fi ready and interact with the ART by Tivoli Audio speaker collection.

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Sculpt the perfect listening experience

Each ART by Tivoli Audio speaker offers tactile buttons for simple set up and ease of use, but for the full experience download the app.

Enjoy your music collection or the collection from your favorite streaming service with a few taps on your iOS or Android device. Design a new configuration or easily recall a past scene.

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Choosing a fabric company known for is quality and attention to design and home trends was important while developing the line.

By partnering with Danish fabric design brand Gabriel®, ART by Tivoli Audio uses new eco-friendly materials to enhance and refine the next generation of products.