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Black PAL from Tivoli Audio
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Black PAL from Tivoli AudioBlack PAL from Tivoli Audio
Tivoli Audio line
PAL® Portable Audio Laboratory

Originally conceived as a portable version of the benchmark Tivoli Audio Model One™ table radio, the PAL radio has taken on a personality all its own.

The PAL® radio has a friendly exterior, with its small stance, simple controls and weather-resistant, rubberized cabinet that comes in many colors. But the PAL® radio offers the same technological feature set as the Model One radio: a frequency contouring circuit for musically accurate tonal balance, 5:1 analog tuning dial, and the power to clearly deliver stations that elude many high-priced component systems.Its built-in NiMH battery recharges whenever the PAL® radio is plugged in, can deliver up to 16 hours of playback at a time.

Telescoping FM antenna, built-in AM antenna, NiMH battery pack,and AC adapter/charger included. One year warranty.


Weight: 1 Kg
Dimensions:158 H x 87 W x 98mm D
Price: $399 NZD
Tivoli Audio line
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